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An EQ Consultation with Professor Francis L. Kaya allows in-depth personal coaching for business people, through the tools of Symbolic Language and Emotional Intelligence. During a private and confidential consultation, it is possible to ask questions and receive profound advice at the company level (professional decisions, business partnerships, management situations, ethical issues, etc.) and/or at the personal level (couple, family, work, etc.).


All benefits from EQ Consultations offered by Professor Francis L. Kaya are entirely donated to Non-Profit Organizations and Foundations.

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Individual consultations on Emotional Intelligence for leaders and business people

When we are a CEO, a Leader or a Manager, we automatically have many responsibilities. Our decisions have an impact on the lives of many employees and their families, on customers, and even sometimes on the economic balance of a country. And therefore, making the right decisions can be a true challenge, especially when situations are complex and have many factors to be considered. In this modern world where everything is interconnected, the personal life of a leader is also very important, because when there are problems in the couple, in the family or in work relationships, these will affect the quality of our decision-making.

This is why IQ (rational knowledge) is not enough to really solve complex situations. Because the most advanced challenges are not those that are related to technical issues, but rather with the human aspects of an enterprise; managing employees, making good partnerships, balancing our personal and work life, etc. And this is where EQ comes in, to help us find solutions on the relationship level, but also at a global scale, by seeing situations with a new perspective and understanding.

Indeed, when we wish to have a company or a government structure that is truly successful on all levels, we need to put an emphasis on EQ, on the intelligence of relationships, since every aspect is affected by our leadership and human qualities. 

Sometimes also, to really understand a personal or a business problem in depth, one of the greatest helps we can receive is to study them profoundly with Symbolic Language. This very advanced knowledge, combined with EQ, can truly generate advice that is profound and helpful on all levels.



 Professor Francis L Kaya is an expert on decoding the human consciousness and a thought leader in Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Born in Canada, he has multiple citizenships from Canada, Switzerland and France. He is the CEO and President of many corporations and foundations like the Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation of Switzerland, a public utility foundation recognized by the Swiss Government. As a philanthropist, he is a true leader of today and tomorrow and a creator of many success stories as a consultant for Government officials and top CEOs around the world. He also does the international diffusion, through his non-profit Swiss Foundation, of the amazing and unique program on EQ called The +|- Code School Program (www.plusminuscode.com). Often present on TV, radio, newspapers, etc., he explains what should always be the true essence of success, leadership and happiness.


 Professor Christiane Muller has been working in the business world in Switzerland & Europe for more than 20 years. She has been the Human Resources Director of a famous bank in Switzerland. She has implemented very avant-gardist methods and promoted innovative ideas and techniques in motivational fields for corporation and top management. With multiple citizenships (Switzerland, France, Canada), Christiane is a citizen of the world and now devotes her life as a philanthropist with her dear husband Professor Francis Lavergne through the Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation of Switzerland, a non-profit foundation recognized by the Government of Switzerland. She is also Board Member and Vice-President of many corporations and foundations in various countries. She is also involved in education with many universities and schools around the world with the EQ Program called: The +|- Code School Program diffused in many languages (www.plusminuscode.com). As a true expert in leadership, she travels the world with her husband to inspire a new generation of leaders in corporations and government fields.

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